film Submition deadline aug 20th!

You won't find aliens at Area 51, but you will find of them plenty here!

Screening Competition and Special Feature Films Sat Sept 21st
Closing the festival with The Sci-fi Writers Scope Sun Sept 22nd
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"Memory: the origins of alien"
special Screening

We're excited to announce a special advanced screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary, Memory: The Origins of Alien!  This compelling film, premiered to five-star reviews at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and 2019 San Diego Comic Con!
Memory: The Origins of Alien will be available
Oct 4, 2019 On Demand and Limited Theater Release!

announcing new
alien art competition!

Atlanta residents will express their love for this timeless franchise to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ridley Scott's masterpiece! Submit your Alien inspired art on FILMFREEWAY! Submission Deadline is Sept 9th.

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Alien Coming to AMC Theaters Oct 13, 15, 16
Sugarloaf Mills 18
| Avenue Forsyth 12
Southlake Pavilion 24 | Barrett Commons 24

the sci-fi writers scope

Hosted by
Sunday Sept 22nd at Georgia Tech's Bill Moore Student Success Center
Clary Theater at 225 N Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

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Special guest: EMILY DEAN 'Lego Movie 2' Storyboard Artist and Director of Sony's upcoming animated feature TAO, will be joining the Women in Sci-fi Panel Sun Sept 22nd!

Emily Dean's first short film, Andromeda was the Official Selection of Atl Sci-fi Film Festival 2018.

robotics demos by
Georgia Tech roboticists!

Georgia Tech's RoboGrads demo their new robotics for writers to use (upon written permission of course), in their new sci-fi story!

And a much needed discussion on strategies to suspend disbelief and plausibility in sci-fi narratives.
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Also joining the Women in Sci-fi panel is, Amanda Weiss. She will discuss how new works by female Asian and Asian American authors articulate new visions of a transnational Asian future.

Amanda Weiss is Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies at Georgia Institute of Technology and a graduate of Clarion Workshop.  Her current research project is on collective memory in Chinese and Japanese media productions.

Celebrating Octavia E. Butler

Celebrating Octavia E. Butler's re-issue of one of her most popular works, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents.

Announcing the winners of the 2019 Octavia E. Butler Essay Competition, award ceremony and reading excerpts from winning essays.
Other guest speakers include, The Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) former president and author, George Weinstein.

He will discuss how AWC helps authors learn the craft & business of writing and details on the upcoming conference October 25-26, 2019


To celebrate the reissue of Octavia E. Butler's most popular book series, Parable of the Sower (Out Now) and Parable of the Talents (Aug 20th), we invite all level of writers to an essay competition!
Winners will be announced Sunday at the Sci-fi Writers Scope.
Sponsored by Grand Central Publishing


Nalo Hopkinson prize package - Midnight Robber, Brown Girl in the Ring, Sister Mine
Octavia Butler prize package- Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents
N. K. Jemisin prize package - How Long ‘Til Black Future Month?, The Inheritance Trilogy and
Set – The Broken Earth Series- set of three books!

Deadlines are:  Parable of the Sower Aug 1st, Talents or both Sept 1st
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Parable of the TALENTS
AUGUST 20, 2019

Parable of the Sower
Out Now!

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