revelation: city of haze

Saturday, Sept 30th at GA Tech

Written & Directed by Qichao Mao

After witnessing his mother’s death in a riot, the boy named, Mai broke down and could not remember his own name. One day, a girl named Yi, who’s a scavenger, found Mai in a garbage can and brought him back to the City of Haze. From then on, they lived together and depended on each other for survival. Mai, though suffered from mental disorder, grew up together with Yi in the City of Haze. A decade later, riot reoccurred in the city and reminded Mai the death of his mother . So he stood out and fought with the robot police. At last, Yi died in the chaos; Mai lost a leg and was arrested. During his years in prison, old Mai felt he owed Yi too much and could not stop thinking about her . He created a robot with recycled iron which looks exactly like Yi. One day, he decided to escape from the prison together with robot Yi, but his attempt failed