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Each week, our team of podcast hosts will dissect our favorite sci-fi/f comic movies, novels and TV shows.
Discuss diversity and inclusion or lack thereof, in the sci-fi/fantasy and comic book genres. We'll dive deep into new technology and gaming used in these worlds.  And announce news on special events produced by MCSFO.
Season 2
Episode 10:  Pacific Rim Uprising & Kaiju
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe
PUBLISHED:  Mar 18, 2018
DURATION:   36:02
Our co-host Colin will be covering some history and love for Kaiju, and his expectation of Pacific Rim Uprising! His love for all the great classic monster movies like Godzilla and King Kong!

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Episode 9:  Westworld Season 1 Recap - WW Wednesday Podcast Series
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 14, 2018
DURATION:   30:42
CONTENT WARNING (PAL): Strong Language used in this Podcast.

After watching season 1 of Westworld again, there were some new things I picked up on and understanding some others on a deeper level!  Here's a quick outline of the show.   Teddy is the Kenny of Westworld! LOL

The Man in Black went to WW to find himself.  But like a kid playing a game with your parents where they let you win, you are happy at first, until you realize they let you win! So now you want to win fair and square!  Well why didn’t Ford tell him to take his ASS back home to the REAL WORLD and go live in the projects in Chicago or something if he wants adventure!  The Man in Black is such a simp!  He never really learned how to deal with difficult ppl like his brother in law, Logan.  He still couldn’t survive in the REAL WORLD!

Arnold – from the beginning Arnold was giving Deloris a steady dose of The Matrix Red Pills throughout the entire season! Raising the question of self awareness and what it means to be self aware in relation to the definition of being human in a TV Show is almost unheard of!

Small prediction for season 2 - Elsie is coming back!!! Either to see her dead body or as a host!

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Episode 8:  Annhilation Movie Review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 11, 2018
DURATION:   17:38
First half is SPOILER FREE!! Annihilation is visually addictive, but hair-raising and creepy at the same time!! A cross between the artsy sci-fi film, Skin with Scarlott Johansen and John Carpenter’s, “The Thing.”  Alex Garland, a favorite "bankable" director and writer!  And

Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson gave their usual stellar performances. Gina Rodriguez reminded me of Vasquez from the movie Aliens!  Oscar Isaac and Nathalie Portman were a great fits for their roles and for Alex!  I think they're all cut from the same creative cloth!  And that BEAR mutant, with a women's voice screaming out of it's throat!! Again, Creepy!!

Garland told Creative Screenwriting, that his adaptation is based on just the first novel in the trilogy!  On Movies Sub-Reddit thread, PaulFThumpkins described the first book as "Creepypasta!"

Also loved the music - Ben Salisbury and (Jeff) Geoff Barrow put their foot in this score! I loved that deeply beautiful twisted melody you hear throughout the film!  In a interview on Slate.com Ben Salisbury says that melody comes from a longer segment of the score known as "The Alien."

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Episode 7:  Netflix Mute & Altered Carbon Review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 4, 2018
DURATION:   23:48
MUTE - was a LOUD Hot Mess and all over the place!  Both Altered Carbon and Mute heavily influenced by Blade Runner, Altered Carbon WAY more!  Loved W-A-D-E, Level29invisible and The_Jedi_Hunter comments about Director, Duncan on Reddit!  Points covered in podcast:  Moon Nod was awesome!  Mute & Moon in the same universe?  Slash Film article.

Will Yun Lee - played a better Takeshi Kovacs!  His love affair with Quell was great, they made a powerful couple!  One of the most multicultural shows around, and the only science fiction show/movie I've seen with people speaking Spanish!  Loved beautiful bad ass, Florence Kasumba played one of many baby sitters, was also in Avengers Affinity War, Black Panther and Wonderwomen!
Episode 6:  Black Panther Review Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Dubelyoo, Kat, Zak Vaudo, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 25, 2018
DURATION:   26:06
In the 2nd half of this segment we discuss: Disney Parks may be creating a full on, Wakanda Land!!  If so, who will they hire to be in the costumes?  Will we have another "Mickey Mouse is Mexican!" moment?  Quote from Dave Chappelle.  The synergy between African American’s working well with Africans in the narrative and in the characters, was beautiful, despite Sam Jackson's divisive statement of black British actors taking black US roles - The Guardian.  

Here's some other quick points we covered.
Marvel letting filmmakers express themselves in these movies - let the creators create!  As for the music, Michael Ganchino with Dr. Strange started making music that fits the character, also again in Spiderman.  In Thor – Mark Mothersburg was the dude behind Devo.  Coogler brought Ludwig Goransson, and he used as many African sounds as possible - Hollywood Reporter 

Forest Whitiker – gave us “FULL Forest!”  A beloved strong actor, but can he be too strong for this role in BP and in Rogue One?Denzel Whitiker – who played young Zuri, despite having absolutely no relation to Forest, he looked just like him, down to the eyes!!  M'Baku's – (Winston Duke) performance was excellent given his small on screen time.  Could have been dicey if they called him a lot by his real name, Man Ape.  But it was done respectfully due to a black writer!
Episode 5:  Black Panther Review Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Dubelyoo, Kat, Zak Vaudo, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 25, 2018
DURATION:   32:10
We're super excited to be joined by several guests to celebrating the opening of Black Panther (BP)!  In the studio today, our regular hosts, Zak Vaudo with guest: Dubelyoo of Art Beats and Lyrics and girlfriend Kat.  Here's a short list of bullet points and mentions in the podcast:  Predicting they'll be a new Killmonger series on Netflix!  T'Challa's sheltered experience from the rest of his country and the world was going through.  

Vulture article on BP costume designer, Ruth E. Carter.  Black people bringing back the ole Kente cloths and Dashiki and showing up in full Cosplay to the theater!  Will Letitia Wright be the next Black Panther or play Riri Williams in Iron Man??  Where is Shuri’s character going in BP? Will it follow the comic version?  Also did you see her starring in Black Mirror's episode – Black Museum  Didn't like Okoye (Dani Gurira) and W'Kabi's  (Daniel Kaluuya) tense relationship and potential battle.
Episode 4:  Altered Carbon - Netflix Series Review
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo
PUBLISHED:  Feb 4, 2018
DURATION:   27:23
Zachary Vaudo is giving a Spoiler-FREE review of Netflix’s first series of 2018, Altered Carbon! Released on February 2nd, it is a massive storm of cyberpunk detective goodness. Raw, intense, silly, and engaging, this adaptation of Richard Morgan’s early-2000s novel is visually stunning, highly entertaining, and surprisingly complex with concepts on multiculturalism, personal identity, and philosophy in the future.
Episode 3:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_3 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   39:12
We're discussing our expectations of Black Panther! Our concerns with the heavy handed marketing campaign. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri is the smartest person in the Marvel universe, out ranking Tony Stark - According to Comic Book Resources www.cbr.com/black-panther-shuri-smartest-person/ The great soundtrack with Kendrick Lamar. Anticipation for the return of Westworld - season 2. HBO working with MCSFO on promoting Westworld to a diverse audience. Other titles, actors, characters mentioned: Serenity/Firefly, Thandie Newton, Mr. Black, Sansar VR company, The Shape of Water Oscar nominations. Predictions and concerns for Ava Duvernay’s a Wrinkle in Time film, will it be more style over substance?? Excitement for Annihilation, with it’s strong all female cast and great Ex-Machina director, Alex Garland. New sf film, and The Beyond by Hasraf Dullul is gaining momentum!. MCSFO’s new sci-fi film festival for Children – Kids with S.T.E.A.M. and this year’s theme for the annual Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival.
Episode 2:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_2 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   27:42
Remembering Ursula Le Guin, one of the best sci-fi/fantasy authors in our time, died on Jan 22nd. We’re discussing several of her books – Earthsea, The Dispossessed and The Left Hand of Darkness. And the Sci-fi Channel miniseries adaptation of Earthsea, and how Ursula’s main points in the book were sorely missed in the series. Issues with adapting sf books and how readers need to approach adaptations. Best example of an adaptation getting it right, The Expanse! Expectations of Altered Carbon and its challenge of being compared to Ghost in the Shell with its white washing issues. Cyber-punk movement is back! Is Netflix’s Dark series may be too dark for some? One of our hosts thinks so. Other sci-fi titles and authors mentioned: Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents, Samuel Delaney’s Nova, Amazon’s Tolkien series, Dune, Netflix’s Bright, ARQ, Fringe, X-Files, William Gibson, The Road, Blade Runner, Black Mirror.
Episode 1:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_1 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   19:07
Meet the Hosts of Season 2 of the MCSFO Podcast show - Zachary Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe and Amanda Ray!MCSFO Podcast is back with new hosts! Get to know each of us: our backgrounds, knowledge of sci-fi, and what we will each cover on the show. We’re also, covering diversity in sf and changes happening in the fast growing genre. Sharing our experiences falling in love with sf and from the perspective of an African American Women, Jewish bi-sexual male, and from 4 different generations!
(*All 3 episodes were Recorded Jan 25th)
Season 1
Episode 17:  World-building in SF w/ Dr. Bates - Part 3 of 3
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  May 28, 2017
DURATION:   39:21
Dr. Tobias WIlson-Bates closes out our 3 part series on World-Building in Science Fiction. Today, Dr. Bates focus is on time travel and technology in world-building.Dr. Bates has a PHD from University of Davis California, studied 19th Century Literature, with focus on novels, specifically on time and technology. He’s now a Marion L. Brittain Post Doctorate Fellow and teaches classes on Time Travel and Robotics at GA Tech.
Episode 16:  World-building in SF w/ Dr. Bethany Jacobs - Part 2 of 3
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Dr. Bethany Jacobs
PUBLISHED:  May 21, 2017
DURATION:   32:06
Today Laura Grace is speaking with Dr. Bethany Jacobs - a Marion L. Britain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech in the writing and communication program. She received her PhD in American Literature from the University of Oregon. She teaches African American women’s writing and science fiction and narratives of social protest. Here she discuss the results of an interesting world-building project she gave to her students this semester - where they looked into world-building in speculative texts by people of color.
Episode 15:  World Building in SF w/ Dr. Lisa Yaszek - Part 1 of 3
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  May 14, 2017
DURATION:   29:28
The goal of this podcast show is to challenge filmmakers and writers to imagine greater! To inspire them to move away from dystopian narratives and tropes. To challenge themselves to create worlds with more favorable experiences, while still creating a world ppl can see themselves living in. GA Tech professors: Dr. Yaszek, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Bates all discuss world-building from different perspective
Episode 14:  Black Mirror's San Junipero Review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  May 7, 2017
DURATION:   16:59
Today's podcast I'm discussing the great Black Mirror episode, San Junipero and the alternate ending people were talking about in the article on Vulture -as well as another Vulture article on the technology used in the story.  Here's the Alternate ending discussed on a Reddit Post.
Episode 13:  Atlanta Director, Tim Glover Interview for N-Touch
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  April 30, 2017
DURATION:   55:09
Today we welcome Atlanta Director, Tim Glover - the winner of the IMAX Big Picture In Focus Award for his sci-fi film short, N-Touch at The Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival 2016. Check out what he has to say about making of this awesome film short and his experience as a black Atlanta filmmaker.
Episode 12:  Ghost In Shell Review
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  April 23, 2017
DURATION:   44:58
Today we're pointing out what director, Rupert Sanders of Ghost in the Shell, got right and what he got very wrong! White washing characters and how it was not handled well on the marketing end.  Scarlett Johansson's acting.  The special effects and why it's perfect for an IMAX screen!
Episode 11:  Sci-fi News Today
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  April 16, 2017
DURATION:   35:35
Today in sci-fi news, we talk about everything from Team Godzilla or Team King Kong?, Cosplay shutting down the streets of Japan to Octavia Butler's Kindred being turned into a graphic novel!
Episode 10:  Logan Movie Review Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  April 9, 2017
DURATION:   24:10
Part 2 of our hour long review of the awesome, bitter sweet farewell to Logan!
Episode 9:  Logan Movie Review Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  April 2, 2017
DURATION:   19:25
In this two part podcast show, we celebrate and dive deep into the last Wolverine movie, Logan! This is a Full on Spoiler review! Please come back and listen after you've seen the movie. In this show we discuss a quote from the director, here's the link to where we found the quote - www.slashfilm.com/caliban-in-logan…-men-apocalypse/
Episode 8:  Robots & A.I. in Our Own Image - Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray with special guest Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates
PUBLISHED:  March 26, 2017
DURATION:   55:21
Joining us in the studio today is Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates, a Marion L. Brittain Fellow at Georgia Tech. In this Hour long show, we will have an depth conversation on robots and artificial intelligence.  We will contextualize the ideas of robots and artificial intelligence within various narrative traditions that still effect the way public discourse is conducted on the topic. The nightmare of the scientist creating artificial life, as in Frankenstein is a clear concern for most. Looking into the religious and moral effects this may cause. We also discuss Rossum's Universal Robots as the origin of the word "robot," and how it sets the tone of robot invasion going forward.Some bullet points and references include: History of robots go back as far as Egyptian, Jewish, Greek and how they evolved.  The act of creation as an art. Robotics, Mary Shelly, Rodney Brooks- The 3rd Path, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Matter, A.I., Moon, Ex-Machina, Westworld, Blade Runner, Prometheus, Alien(s) - Bishop.
Episode 7:  Sci-fi Films that Empower Us
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  March 19, 2017
DURATION:   40:41
Watching certain sci-fi films can be very empowering! Watching characters discover their true potential can be a great reminder of how we can do the same in our own lives!  We will discuss several films that have inspired us to find power and greatness in ourselves!  Girl with All the Gifts, Gattaca, Ex-Machina, Firefly, Hunger Games, Dark City and Westworld.
Episode 6:  Different Abilities in Sci-fi
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears & Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  March 12, 2017
DURATION:   28:33
Today we are talking about Different Abilities or Disabilities in sci-fi. We realize that it is problematic to identify characters with disabilities by their impairment, but for the sake of the conversation we are going to sometimes do that because we want to highlight some of these characters as people with disabilities and think about how they are represented. We want creators to know that if they cast actors and create multi-faceted characters with disabilities in sci-fi films/shows, that they have got our support!
Episode 5:  (Part 2 of 2)- Interview with Director Grace Rowe - for The Sweetening
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray with special guest - Grace Rowe
PUBLISHED:  March 5, 2017
DURATION:   24:00
For the second part of this podcast, we're continuing our great conversation with director and actor, Grace Rowe. Discussing her film, The Sweetening and her fundraising experience and much more!Spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet) (Watch the film by going to www.TheSweetening.com)
Episode 4:  (Part 1 of 2)- Interview with Director Grace Rowe - for The Sweetening
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray with special guest - Grace Rowe
PUBLISHED:  February 26, 2017
DURATION:   35:31
I'm interviewing the talented, writer, director and star of the short film, The Sweetening! In this 2 part podcast, we're discussing the film and her experience directing herself in this award winning film and Much more!! Watch online TheSweetening. Spoiler Alert podcast!)
Episode 3:  World Building in African American SF - Black History Month Series
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray with special guest - Dr. Bethany Jacobs
PUBLISHED:  February 19, 2017
DURATION:   32:31
This Valentines Day, we celebrate Love & Romance in Science Fiction! Discussing our favorite ships, human and interspecies. And our list of sci-fi movies to watch on Valentines Day.
Episode 2:  Sci-fi Love & Romance - A Valentine's Day Special
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  February 12, 2017
DURATION:   35:39
This Valentines Day, we celebrate Love & Romance in Science Fiction! Discussing our favorite ships, human and interspecies. And our list of sci-fi movies to watch on Valentines Day.
Episode 1:  African American Women in Sci-fi - Black History Month Series
HOSTS:  Laura Grace Sears, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  February 5, 2017
DURATION:   17:38
We kicked off our first podcast celebrating some of the most talented African American women in sci-fi!  Some of which are:  Octavia E. Butler, Nalo Hopkinson, Andrea Hairston, Nnedi Okorafor, Roxane Gay, Afua Richardson - Georgia based Comic artist, Amandla Stenberg and Ashley A. Woods, Tananarive Due, Andrea Hairston, N. K. Jemisin and Karen Lord.  Strong characters in Literary - Riri Williams is Ironheart in the Invincible Iron Man, Girl With All The Gifts, Shori Matthews, Onyesonwu, Lilith in Lilith’s Brood, Lauren Olamina. Actors who paved the way - Nichelle Nichols, Nina Toussant, Freema Agyeman, Gina Torres, Thandie Newton, Zendaya, Zoe Saldana, Danai Gurira and Angela Bassett in Strange Days!
Afua Richardson Tumblr 
My Soul to Keep film starring Blair Underwood