Saturday, Sept 30th – 12:00PM *9:22 min

Written & Directed by Jeremiah Hammerling

"A world without sleep" seemed to carry very large implications. A world without sleep is a world without dreams, that would require no real homes or bedrooms and as such no need for intimacy. There would be little need for privacy, and were we to live in that world, we would probably be inclined to work as much as we could and fall in line with the status quo. UU is a film about a small police unit tasked with rising sleepers, individuals who have chosen to disobey the ruling order of the time, who will be punished and brought back to the waking world. But when one of the members of this elite "wake unit" begins to succumb to the world of sleep, she begins to become the very thing she has set out to defeat. A futuristic interrogation fever dream ensues and ultimately creates the fabric of the film.

Country:  Singapore | Language:  Chinese (English Subtitle)