the sweetening

Written, Directed and Starring

A lonely woman finds excitement and remembers her true self when she falls for an
avatar in a virtual reality program.

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last day of war

Written and Directed by

The last war broke out. All the people are dead, but the machines continue dutifully to follow orders. 
The automatic base machines begin fueling and charging the weapons of last surviving bomber preparing it to drop bombs
on the dead enemy city. This happens until the last echo of mankind subsides completely.
Then comes a new era in which there is no place for us.

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Written & Directed by

We follow the journey of F.R.E.D. the recon droid`s last order as he sets across a barren world of wrecks and
autonomous weapons.  Autonomous started out as a proof of concept for a bigger story and completed as a free time project
during 2 years by a team of 2 people based in Estonia.

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Written & Directed by

A 3-minute film about a lone astronaut that embarks on a journey to a distant planet.
A planet that will prove the existence of life on other worlds. Or not.
IMAX Big Picture in Focus Award


Written & Directed by

Connectivity is only a touch away. In a future where technology makes connectivity instant to form relationships with
the shake of a hand, N-Touch excels at bringing people closer. The whole world has changed, with this tech being
the new cool thing to have. Some have it and constantly wait for the new, updated, versions while others could care less.
N-Touch sets up a new way to form social circles, get jobs, or find lovers more efficiently than ever before.
With all the pros of N-Touch it doesn't take long for individuals start to find out that this tech, isn't as great as it marketed to be.

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Written and Directed by

A short science fiction drama about a scientist who creates an android in the hopes that,
through a peculiar experiment, it will learn and understand human emotion.

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cold comfort

Written and Directed by

A dark, futuristic love-story about a woman consumed by a broken heart and
her attempt to replace her lover.

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Written and Directed by

COLLIDER is a psychological sci-fi love story in the mould of 'Upstream Color,' 'Her' and 'Persona.' Dawn, a brilliant scientist,
is devastated after the death of her partner Ann. Dawn has been working in a classified wing of the Large Hadron Collider and has discovered
the means to shift between the membranes that separate our realities, and into PARALLEL UNIVERSES. Dawn realizes that there must be a
dimension where Ann is still alive and so injects herself with the nanotechnology to slip through dimensions. But in doing so,
Dawn finds herself face to face with various versions of herself, each dealing with their grief in different ways.
The extra-dimensional race is on for Dawn to find Ann before her reality is torn apart.

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Written and Directed by

A young man walks in to a dingy and seemingly abandoned building with nothing but a chair, a notebook and a backpack of supplies.
He looks like he's been walking forever. After looking over the bleak surroundings, he sets up his chair in the middle of
the room and begins to prepare himself.

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Written and Directed by

An impossible love between two astronauts who were sent, in the Fifties,
to Saturn in a secret mission.

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Laika stardust

Written and Directed by

Laika  Stardust is an experimental film set in the household of an upper class Italian family, in the not-too-distant future. 
Each family member is captivated by their use of technology, almost to the point of obsession.  
When the child becomes seriously ill, his mother begins to unravel and we discover the hidden truth behind her heartbreak.

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Written and Directed by

Mould is a short sci-fi drama that focuses on the journey of Len, an elderly man suffering with dementia,
a mental illness that causes memory loss and cognitive impairment amongst its sufferers. Len is left distraught by his illness,
and travels to a distant city in the hope of resolving his problems. Like a lot of men, Len finds it difficult to open up about his issues,
especially to his loving wife Anne, who he has been devoted to since they met over 40 years ago. Although Lena’s illness has rendered
him vulnerable; his concern is for his wife, who he believes will be heartbroken by such news. Len orders a clone of himself in order
to keep his marriage healthy and trouble-free. He believes that as long as his wife is happy, he can fade away without question.
He is given an opportunity to meet his clone in a safe environment, where both reflect on their past and eventual future.
It is during this moment that Len learns more about himself and his relationship.

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Written and Directed by

“Will technology be the downfall of society, or will society be the downfall of technology?”
Set in the not so distant future, when smart phones have been upgraded to ocular implants,
a colony of people rip out their augmented eyes to live off the grid.  
But what will happen if The Corporation finds out they exist?

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Written and Directed by

It is the story of a father who wants to show the ocean to his son.

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the clockmaker's dream

Written and Directed by

In a world of time a Clockmaker tries to create 'true love' before his world stops forever.
A tale from a mechanical world. An homage to George Melies.

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Written and Directed by

A father struggles to hold together his family after a great loss.

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